"To be happy, to have a full and meaningful life, do not start with the result you want to get, you have to start with the why

we want to do it "

- Mario Richard


With national and international experience as a businessman, I have traveled a lot and learned about the different cultures and mentalities of people of many countries around the world. I realized that too many people were unhappy with their work, which impacts their personal and professional life, as well as their productivity in the workplace. For these reasons, I began to study and research topics such as stress, burnout, as well as the cause of delays, accidents and non-productivity at work. Now, my mission is to provide personal coaching and training for people, such that they find a career they are truly passionate about, which perfectly suits their personality and values, so that they are happy and naturally productive for themselves. Inside of this training, they also learn how to recognize, understand and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from fully succeeding in their careers and in their lives.


One on one.

Life coaching is for individuals who are ready AND willing to make both inner and outer changes in their life. Perhaps you are looking for a job or considering a career change, healing a broken heart, longing for your life purpose or life partner, dealing with relationship or family issues, contemplating a decision, going through a transition, or seeking increased success in your life. Whatever it is you are going through, it is my mission to see you through it while feeling more confident, happy and prosperous along the way.

Workshop. ( Choose your REAL career )

In this workshop, I will provide students with specialised critical and thorough training in the area of career choice.  They will get a powerful access to discovering the precise areas of expertise that align with their passions and with what is important to them, a pathway towards a career that will be fulfilling and satisfying. The nature of the workshop is both philosophical and practical, with specific steps and guidelines that will leave the students enabled and in action. Needless to say, a bad career choice can have disastrous effects on a person's life, their employer and community. I am talking about burnout, depression, workplace injuries, non-productivity at work, fatigue, and more. Not to mention the negative effects this has on family dynamics and future generations. In my workshop, I am out to impact all of this, by creating a clear pathway for people to choose a career that will have them thrive in life! 

"If we did all the things we are

capable of, we would literally

astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison