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Entrepreneurs evolve in a competitive world. To ensure the survival of their businesses, many of them have no choice but to penetrate the national and international markets. A well-prepared, well-executed plan - and a little patience - can help your business break into new markets and prosper. If you are a Canadian company that wants to be more successful in the provincial and local markets or if you want to do business in a foreign country, a foreign company that wants to do business in Canada or a foreign company that wants to do business in a foreign country we can help your business be more profitable.

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Find the best partners and buyers in the national and global market.

Most small and medium-sized enterprises primarily develop their local and national markets.

On the other hand, exploiting international markets is a good idea - provided it is planned and assisted by a good, experienced market developer.

We have 20 years experiences in developing national and global market

Canada  -  United States of America  -  Europe

Representation of companies abroad

If you dont have the time, or you dont have someone to do the job, we can represent your business for you in business trips with commercial delegations with Chambers of Commerce and governments.

Always better to have an exprienced person for representing your company. Specially on international market where the culture and mentality is very different.