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In this workshop, I will provide students with specialised critical and thorough training in the area of career choice.  They will get a powerful access to discovering the precise areas of expertise that align with their passions and with what is important to them, a pathway towards a career that will be fulfilling and satisfying. The nature of the workshop is both philosophical and practical, with specific steps and guidelines that will leave the students enabled and in action. Needless to say, a bad career choice can have disastrous effects on a person's life, their employer and community. I am talking about burnout, depression, workplace injuries, non-productivity at work, fatigue, and more. Not to mention the negative effects this has on family dynamics and future generations. In my workshop, I am out to impact all of this, by creating a clear pathway for people to choose a career that will have them thrive in life! 


Take all responsibility for your life

Motivation and technical conference. Support through business and life experience.